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Are you a singer or content creator looking for new music?

starsscene.com is a platform for singers, rappers, and content creators looking for high-quality original music and instrumentals for their multimedia projects that sound new and catchy! You can find your favorite COPYRIGHT FREE music on our platform and use them in your songs, videos, podcasts, or any content you create.

Starsscene MUSIC

Are you a Singer, Dj, and Musician?

Find original music all ready to download and use for your next new single, album, and mixtape. All music on our site is professionally composed, mixed, and mastered, ready to add vocals, and go live on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, and all other music stores.
Simply choose and download your favorite music, record your vocal over your 100% copyright-free music. Songs using Starsscene music can be posted to all music streaming sites such as SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube, etc. You can also sell your projects on all music stores and keep all earnings and revenue.
Do you want us to distribute and publish your songs?

Free distribution and publishing of your songs on behalf of Starsscene with 100% YouTube revenue for artists that become part of Starsscene Singers and SuperStar Program to have a chance to become our Season Superstar Artist and get cool features including no fee music production, long term contract and free video interviews at Startalk and more.
starsscene.com distributes your music to all partner music stores like iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, etc., and publishes your music on streaming services like Soundcloud, Spotify, YouTube Music, etc. with millions of viewers.
There’s only a simple step to become Starsscene Superstar!
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Are you a YouTuber or Filmmaker?

Looking for brand-new, high-quality long music for your videos?
If you are a YouTuber and you’re tired of using the same old free backing tracks heard on all videos which are not pleasing to you anymore, you can buy and own your 100% copyright free music for any content videos, vlogs, or movies as background music and soundtracks to make them catchy and more attractive.
Create your YouTube Music Channel even if you are not a musician!

Choose original high-quality music and simply upload them on your YouTube Channel to start earning all YouTube revenue from your purchased songs. You are the owner of the purchased music, so we suggest that you get a license and copyright to keep 100% of your earnings anytime your songs are played or used across YouTube. For more information on licensing contact us.
Also, check our Artwork to add cool and catchy images for your YouTube Covers. Visit our Artwork here!


Starsscene Artwork

Nothing boosts your plays better than a professional cover art

Album Covers represent an artist's music and brand at the first glance! It is the first thing viewers see as they scroll through artists' profiles and streaming platforms. A professional and catchy album cover visualizes your music story, so it's important to be visual!

Eye-catching original 3D artwork and professionally designed album cover is a form of promotion for your brand and music as a musician, band, or record label which will result in better views and revenue from your new album or single.

starsscene.com original 3D artworks are designed by professional graphic and 3D designers who have worked in the music industry, creating stunning cover art, logos, music videos, and more.

Our designer team works with the latest 3D workstations, Maya, Blender, 3D Max, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. creating original and high-end realistic rendering with the most powerful Rendering Engines. Our unique vision gives your music and brand visual life resulting in more plays and exposure on all music stores like iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, Pandora, Amazon, etc.
All our original artworks are single sale and available to be used exclusively, meaning that you will be the sole owner of your artwork with all rights to distribute. Our artworks match iTunes and all Music Store standards (3000x3000px/10x10” @72-300dpi). 

Take a look at our Artwork library and see the uniqueness of the designs and realistic visuals.

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Join our SuperStar Program for Free by sending us your Soundcloud private music link.

How does it work?

  • Send us your unpublished tracks through Soundcloud private link within the dates announced on our site.

  • Our professional team will check songs and get back to selected artists within 2 weeks. 

  • Starsscene will publish and distribute selected songs at no cost on behalf of starsscene, with 100% revenue 

  • Selected artists will be chosen as SuperStar Artist according to their total streamed feedback on Spotify during that  season (check our site calendar).

Starsscene SuperStar Benefits

  • 50% of music store sales from Starsscene

  • One year full support contract

  • No fee album/single production

  • Free album/single cover Artwork

  • Free video interview on StarTalk

Terms of Entry

  • Submissions should follow our site's calendar deadlines

  • Songs should not have been published on any platform 

  • Submissions are advised not to be sent to other distributors/publishers during the 2 weeks entry timeline to avoid copyright claims

  • Only Soundcloud Private links are acceptable

  • Mix and mastered high-quality music

  • Starsscene Music Library songs have higher chances in the SuperStar program

  • Submitted forms should match Artist's real information

  • Only one song from each Artist will be approved to be published in each season

  • Electronic Music is at priority for our distribution

Interviews, Careers

Graphic designers, musicians, and singers join our artist's professional team!
Fill out the form below along with your artist background. We will be happy to expand our team of professionals.

Also, if you are interested to join STARTALK, send us your Interview Request or Interview Video Link here.

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License and Whitelist 

If you have any copyright issue or claim on your purchased Music or Artwork, send us your License ORIGINAL CARD included in your purchased file and your YouTube channel link for us to resolve your issue.


How to upload links in our forms

Click on Upload your File, open wetransfer.com free upload platform (no signup required), upload your file (max 1GB) then copy your WeTransfer link. Copy the link into YOUR LINK section in our forms.



Being in the music industry, we all know that producing a popular song that hits the top charts and touches people's hearts and soul doesn't just need a good music production but also effective soul-touching lyrics is a key to a successful song.
Most worldwide popular songs that go viral and are played on all radios and music channels are in English. That is why starsscene.com decided to team up with experienced English teachers around the world to come up with an easy way of learning English through Songs and Lyrics. You can learn or simply improve your English by playing your favorite song as you go through the lyrics, vocabulary, grammar, and key points of every single word that will stay in your head forever!
Also as a songwriter, you can broaden your English knowledge and acquire a natural, native look towards writing your own lyrics in English that can make your next song go global!
All you need to do is check Singlish for your favorite song, download the pdf file with all the lyrics, vocabulary, and grammar explanations. Go with your own pace to sing along the songs and learn all you need to know about songs that everyone is singing to in clubs, on Tiktok and Instagram videos, and everywhere these famous songs are played.
With Singlish you will also be singing along with them!

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A different approach, using a new method in Music Indusrty

At starsscene.com we have teamed up with professional music producers and graphic designers who have professionally worked in the music industry creating original high-quality music and artwork which are solely available on our site. 
Our team of professionals work with high-end equipment and best workstations.

We believe are a high-end platform is the one place where you can find all you need for your new album/single from scratch to publishing and distribution. All our music are composed by professional music engineers equipped with worlds's rated studios and music software that are compatible to all major digital audio workstations.

Our widerange of programs including StarTalk and SuperStar allow talented artists to increase their chances of exposure and reach their artistic goals with no cost using our platform.

All Artwork in our library is created by our exclusive professional designer team who have a strong vision towards the music industry. Our cover arts are exclusively designed and released only on our website for those professional artists looking for stunning and exceptional work to visualise their music in order to attract more views and plays for outstanding results in their streaming.

Our 3D designer team design Cover Artorks by listening to music as they creat their art giving visual life to every single design along with the use of the latest versions and powerful engines of 3D design workstations and Software to reach the highest quality and the most realistic rendering.

If you are not sure which artwork suits your style and music the best and need professional advice form our designer team, or want custom designed Album/Single Cover Art, send us an Consult email.

Your favorite copyright free Music and Artwork can be easily downloaded from our library to your device within minutes ready to be used and distributed on all streaming platforms and/or sold on all music stores.

Don't forget to compare our music and artwork with other online platforms to ensure your choice of selection with us.

You can see our Term of Use for more information.


Starsscene Interview Coming soon! 

Our team of artists will start to interview underground and talented singers and music producers from around the world to express their professional backgrounds and artistic visions. All interviews will be performed online from our artists’ studios asking interesting questions.
Interviews are open to everyone willing to share their views, visions, and biography that will be shared on starsscene.com and available for the artists to post on their personal YouTube channel, Instagram, Facebook, etc., and receive 100% revenue.
Send us your request and our team will contact you to provide all the information you need to start your interview with starsscene.com.










Simply Record your Voice with your Phone or any recording device, and send us the Private Soundcloud link. Our Team will reach accepted candidates in a couple of weeks to join our Superstar Program.


StarsScene Consult

 Not sure if your song has the potential to get popular?

Do you want custom Artwork or you need advice on choosing the best Artwork for your new cover?

Send us a Message!