Starsscene Singlish

Singlish presents a musical view towards learning and improving your English.
We all love to sing along with our favorite songs, or join karaokes but most of the time we don't understand the words clearly and fully so we just sit in a corner "humming" the songs we love! From Instagram, Tiktok, YouTube to Facebook and other social media platforms, we hear English songs and people speaking English all the time but although we have all studied English in school and college, we still don't understand every single word that we hear on the media and songs that we listen to day and night!
With Slinglish you don’t have to worry about your level of English or be restricted to a certain timeframe or boring texts because you are the one in charge. You learn and improve your English with your own pace and timing as you listen to your favorite song and follow our easy-to-understand vocabulary and grammar notes for each song. This is how you will remember the vocabulary you learn forever and you can sing along to the most popular songs everywhere you hear them!
If you are not a native English singer or songwriter, and you want to write songs in English to reach out to more people around the world start with Singlish to understand lyrics from famous songs and singers and learn how to put your words together to sound natural and soul-touching. A little practice and time will make your English songs get more views worldwide! Get your song package at Singlish now to see what has made these songs so popular.
How to start? 
You don't need to be at a certain level of English proficiency to start with Singlish. Start with any song you want. You will improve your English by singing more songs every day. Just click on your favorite song, download your Singlish package and start learning and improving your English as you sing with your favorite song! Once you are confident in singing the first song and knowing all the words and grammar related to that song, you can then move on to your next favorite song. Our English teachers at Singlish are continuously working on new songs, so you will find new songs each time you visit Singlish. Get started now!